About eDivineSouls


Dr. Minal Bhartiya (Jain)

Founder / Director

‘Daughter of Bharat’ and a Bhartiya by heart, Dr. Minal Bhartiya Jain carries a vision of a ‘happy world’. With her immaculate wisdom and knowledge, Dr. Jain has been working on improving the lives of many. A doctorate, Masters in Computer and Management, YOG Therapist and PMP certified; Dr. Jain has been glorified with various awards.

Giving a real shape to her dreams, Dr. Jain established eDivineSouls. With a meaningful purpose of balancing work life and promoting yoga in scientific way, Dr. Jain has articulated her IT skills in a supernal dimension.

Dr. Jain has been known for her eminent work as a Project management and IT consultant and has worked with organisations of repute like Ericsson, IBM and TCS as project lead. High end IT and Management Certifications and Trainings add jewels to her crown.

Being an active researcher, Dr. Jain has prominently demonstrated her interest in work life balance of women and her enthusiasm made her complete her doctorate in the same field. Performed extensive research on WLB globally and explored the Saga of motherland: ‘BHARAT”. Found valuable insights which transformed her in the journey. With her ongoing research work, developed applicable Framework Model Solutions.

Her experience as an academician and national and international exposure has facilitated her own learning of society and the demand of today’s world to lead a truly healthy, happy and balanced life. Dr. Jain has impeccably portrayed the importance of Project Management skills on the aesthetic front.

She has been conducting trainings along with her team of experts on myriad of subjectsranging from: Arhatic Yogic Practices and Research, Scientific Spiritual Healing Therapies, Work Life Balance Consulting along with High Tech Human Project Management.

Few of the ongoing work: ‘Impact of chakra meditation in balancing our lives’, ‘Gateway of Eternal Happiness’, ‘Amalgamation of YOG and AWOL (Arhatic Way of Living)’. Practicing scientific healing modalities: Color & Chroma Therapy, Sound Healing, Rendezvous with Silence, JAINA METHOD OF CURING, Healing Mantras, Panch Ttatva (5 Elements) Balancing, AYURLife and alike.

Being an ambitious, confident and a person with all-time positive attitude, Dr. Jain showcases her vision and practical learnings. She wants the world to be benefitted with the assets she has making the NextGen understand the cultural values and making the world a better place to live.

With a firm belief of ‘living a life of significance’, Dr. Jain looks forward to creating Manikarnikas and supporting the girls lead an independent and balanced life. A nature lover by nature, Dr. Jain also promotes unconditional love for Mother Earth. In all her scripts, writings and blogs, one can feel the serenity and purity of life.

A merit holder throughout her academics, Dr. Jain has won accolades for her excellence in writing essays, debates, poetry and speeches. She possesses many interests like learning violin, Science of Life, YOG and keeps developing her knowledge on scientific spirituality.

A lady with passion, Dr. Jain took her interest in the benefit of society and established the foundation of eDivineSouls to serve all.

Dr. Jain gives credit to her team who are also the founders of eDivineSouls comprising of experts, doctors, researchers, educationists and trainers.

It is said that there’s always an X-Factor that exists and brings together like minded people. eDivineSouls does the same… the team members being specialists in their own fields possess the characteristic that bonds them together.

The prestigious team members are:

  • Dr. Saurabh (Neuro Surgeon, Norway)
  • Dr. Sushma Jhamad (Gyneaocologist) with 25+ years of experience
  • Dr. Annu Shah (Gyneaocologist) with 20+ years of experience
  • Dr. Sheetal Shah (MD Medicine)
  • Dr. Ashish Jain (Cardiac Surgeon)
  • Dr. Parul Jain (Dental Surgeon)
  • Dr. Shivani Jain (MD Community Medicine)
  • Ms. Darena (Psychologist)
  • Ms. Nidhi (Craniosacral Therapist and Yog teacher)
  • Dr. Monica Bhatia (Academician)
  • Mr. Mohit Khamale (Academician)

Words fall short for Dr. Jain who keeps a beautiful belief of being made in the country and for the country. It seems a mission for her to get back, ‘Brand Bharat’ image as ‘Vishwa Gyan Guru’by promoting all the virtues and values, cultures and teachings of the Vedas that are all encompassing and let individuals understand the purpose of life.

With an aim to contribute to the country, Dr. Jain brings the human element in IT and facilitates the professional ethics from within the individual.

A pragmatic lady; Dr. Jain lives a life of gratitude to all and let us hear it in the words of Dr. Jain: My acknowledgement won't have words to express my gratitude to Divine Enlightened Souls, Spiritual Gurus, Parents, Teachers and all the wonderful Souls who knowingly or unknowingly nurtured towards upward momentum. I wish to express my gratitude though seems smallest in front of their contribution in my life.I request all to be a smallest droplet in vast ocean of age old knowledge of Ascetics & Sages of Sivanas. Kindly remind me, to always keep basic human values upfront. Never be inflicted by any ill and wrong thoughts, attitudes, words and deeds.

I thank all…
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